Coleman Memorial Park

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For the past 75 years Coleman Memorial Park has provided the community with countless moments of relaxation and family fun. The park while maintaining its tradition, all within funding constraints common to municipal recreation areas, offers the community numerous recreational sports, walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Coleman Memorial Park provides multiple rental pavilions for business and family events. Even though the grand mansions that at one time graced the grounds of the park are gone, a leisurely stroll through the park will find historic markers where homes once stood, partially restored gardens, and evidence of the mansions as well as industrial ruins that were part of the Lebanon North Furnace that the Coleman family once owned. Were as the mansions are gone, the Homestead's carriage house and garage as well as the two gate houses are still standing. Coleman Memorial Park invites you to explore the park, hike the trail or picnic in the shade.
Park Hours:
Open Daily from 07:00 AM until Dusk.

Pavilion Rentals call 717-228-4401
The Lauther Water Park, Owned and Operated by the City of Lebanon

The Homestead Cafe and Miniature Golf Course

Designated Playground Areas

Athletic Fields and Courts

Nature Trails

Historic Markers and Furnace Ruins

Many Rare and Beautiful Species of Trees and Shrubs

Pavilions for Family and Group Functions
We want a ground to which people may easily go after their day's work is done, and where they may stroll for an hour, seeing, hearing, and feeling nothing of the bustle and jar of the streets We want the greatest possible contrast with the restraining and confining conditions of the town, which compel us to walk circumspectly, watchfully, jealously, which compel us to look closely upon others without sympathy. ... a simple broad, open space of greensward ... depth of wood and enough about it ... to completely shut out the city from our landscapes. -Fredrick Law Olmstead
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